Insurance Information

This office participates in the following insurance plans as listed below. When an office participates it means that we have signed a contract with the insurance company and have agreed to a predetermined fee schedule. Each procedure is paid at a pre-determined percentage by the insurance company and the patient pays a co-pay. The insurance company will send payment to the office and the patient pays the co-pay at the time of service.

We do not participate in Medicaid.

No dental procedures are covered under Medicare

For the companies listed we participate in the PPO or the conventional plans only. We do not participate in any insurance company HMO's or DMO's.

For insurance companies or union locals we do not participate in, we will accept payment from them directly if they have an assignment of benefits provision on the insurance form. The co-pay is payable at the time of treatment.

Many insurance companies and union locals will only pay the patient. In this case the patient pays for services in full, we will submit the benefit form and the insurance benefit will be sent to the patient.

Federal Employees-
We participate in Aetna, MetLife, GEHA, and United Concordia.
We do not participate in Blue Cross/Blue Shield Federal Employees because they will only pay the patient, not the dental office. We will complete the insurance form and submit it and the patient is paid a benefit determined by the insurance company.

We participate in MetLife which covers active duty dependents and reservists and their dependents. We participate in Delta Dental Military Retirees Program which covers military retirees and their dependents.

West Point Athletic Department [ODIA]-
We participate in Empire Blue Cross/Blue Shield which covers the coaches and their dependents. Go Army Beat Navy

We participate in the DeCare Dental Health International which is the nationwide Teamsters dental plan which went into effect 1/1/09.

Village of Highland Falls and Town of Highlands Employees-
Employees and their dependents are eligible for a discount plan if not enrolled in third party coverage. Call the office for details.

This office participates in these insurance companies (PDF).

List of Supported Comapnies